Liturgical Resources

The question we need to ask ourselves is whether any particular text is a Wisdom text – does it have the capacity to foster the soul’s growth or unfolding, helping her to realize that she is an utterly unique expression of Being that is boundless love? If not, the text isn’t suitable liturgical material. For liturgy – no longer appropriately understood as the worship of a distant tribal deity – is essentially itself a spiritual practice, wherein we gather together to experience becoming embodiments of Being in the present moment.

Here you will find liturgical texts for fostering the soul’s unfoldment. They continue to evolve as they are used by communities in various contexts. Remember,  when the noun “God” is employed, it is done so poetically, as a symbolic way of referring to Being. This means that the term is not invoked in a conventionally theistic manner, and stands alongside other symbolic forms of speech, such as Beloved, Wine, Light, etc.

Some of these texts were originally published in My Heart is a Raging Volcano of Love for You: The Soul’s Journey into the Heartland. The present texts are substantially revised. They may be used only when cited as “(c) Kevin G. Thew Forrester, 2018. Used with permission”.

Celebrate the dawning of the Day Star in our lives, the advent of light and life.
Birthing of Life

The Light is born anew this night as your heart. In the beginning, Light shines in the darkness – Loving, Beautiful, Good – giving birth to all creation, the center, the heart, of unfolding life. The Light graces all creation as God’s presence. Feast of the Nativity

Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the Beloved. Our hearts know only this song of praise for You, Wondrous One, for the acts of love by which You call us home
May we follow the Beloved’s way as the path of Life. Reign of Wisdom

Beloved, life is a banquet overflowing from the heart of your dance of Love. On this night, Jesus is now ash from the Lover’s fire. Christ alone remains, who invites all to the table spread upon the sea of generosity. Freely, Love pours forth life. This Soul is free, supremely free, in the stock, in all her branches and all the fruits of her branches. Nothing but sweet flowing wine remains and the Soul says: Drink this, all of you: This is my life Blood a joyous Covenant from which flows forgiveness of sin and life renewed. Remember, you can be no less for me. Amen. Sent to Serve

Beloved God, we, your very own, created in your image and called to become your likeness, are blinded by our ignorance, fear, anger and greed. This sinful veil blinds us
to your beauty embodied in neighbor and creation. We stand before You with your mercy raining down upon us, washing over our lives with renewing forgiveness.  Be the grace that strengthens us to serve You in newness of life, to the glory of your name. Companionship and Cross

Blessed are You, Holy One, Source of unfolding creation; to You be glory and praise for ever. Your steadfast love infuses the heavens and your faithfulness never ceases. Illumine our hearts with your Wisdom and strengthen our lives with your word, for You are the fountain of life; in your light we see true light. Light Renews our Life

Becoming Love, through and through, we celebrate the gift of our eternal life as You, Beloved. Love Through and Through

Your abiding Presence hovers over the deep drawing forth life from the dark womb of chaos, giving surprising birth to this unfolding creation bursting with stars and comets and cosmic dust and pin-wheeling galaxies; inviting into life within an endless expanse of expanding space this precious blue-green sphere we know as home – this lovely, lovely, earth. Without You nothing can be. With You as its ever-quickening heart this cosmos is creation – your sacred body. All that is unfolds from You and is a sign for our journey home. Whatever the eyes of our soul behold, if we behold with You as our soul, is a graceful jewel telling of your wondrous presence. Creation