Trained in the practices of meditation, body practice, spiritual exploration and the enneagram, as well as small group study and conversation, I understand the soul’s life as a journey from, into, and as boundless love (what I call Holy Mystery).  Love without condition and without limit reveals reality itself as a womb that is holy, endlessly birthing possibility. Holy Mystery is the Source and Being of all that is, a shoreless sea empty of agenda.

Meditation – Meditation is an expression of our true nature as boundless love, a practice of gradually awakening to the truth of being expressions of holy mystery – regardless of circumstance or condition. In meditation we learn how to be present in the moment, and with whatever arises as the moment. Whether the meditation be a concentration practice or of nondoing, the soul continues her unfoldment learning to trust, moment-to-moment, the arising of her true nature.

Friday morning meditation (11:30 – Noon) on Zoom is open to all. Contact Kevin for the link.

Body Practice – “The purpose of this practice is to awaken, energize and bring presence to the body. It is also designed to have a balancing and integrating effect, and to impart certain principles that have meaning both for spiritual practice and optimal physical functioning.” There are basic principles expressed in the practice: awareness/presence, alignment, integration, dynamism and pulsation, sense of ground, sense of core, wholeness, support, flow, freedom. The practice is an expression of the beauty of our being, discovering the infinite variety of expression within form, all of which is holy mystery at play.

Enneagram – Do you wonder why you habitually avoid some feelings? Do you lose sleep from an inner voice that criticizes and demeans? Do you question your own innate beauty and goodness? Do you feel that at your core you are never quite enough? The Enneagram is a Wisdom resource to discover your enneatype (core personality) and explore how passion, avoidance, fixation, virtue, holy idea, all affect your awakening as holy mystery. The Enneagram is a portal to your being’s true nature of boundless love, accessed through your sense of struggle, loss, suffering, and yearning to be spontaneous and free. Learn how to draw upon the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram as a spiritual resource for your soul’s unfoldment.

Conversation – Would you like to gather with others in small group to read, converse, question, and deepen your understanding of the soul’s journey? Would you enjoy reading and conversation within a community that encourages and supports each person’s unique unfoldment, and where any experience and question is received as sacred and worthy of wonderment?