I am trained in the practices of meditation, spiritual exploration and the enneagram, as well as small group study and conversation. If any of these speak to your heart and you feel a desire to pursue or deepen your practice(s), contact me for further discussion.

Meditation – Meditation is a practice whereby we learn how to be present in the moment, and with whatever arises as the moment. The breath, always present, always moving, grounds and guides. Whether the meditation be that of concentration or of nondoing, the soul continues her unfoldment learning to trust, moment-to-moment, the arising of her true nature.

Perhaps you’ve considered meditation in the past, but aren’t sure how to begin. Perhaps you’ve begun a practice, but feel unsure and desire guidance and support. Perhaps you are looking for a group with whom to gather as you sit. We begin wherever you are.


Enneagram – Discover your enneatype (core personality) and explore how passion, avoidance, fixation, virtue, holy idea, all affect your experience of transformation. Learn how to utilize the ancient wisdom of the enneagram as a spiritual resource for your soul’s unfoldment.


Conversation – Would you like to gather with others in small group to read, converse, question, and deepen your understanding of the soul’s journey? Would you enjoy reading and conversation within a community that encourages and supports each person’s unique unfoldment, and where any experience and question is received as sacred and worthy of wonderment?