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Teacher & Student

LIam and me at wedding (2)Kevin G. Thew Forrester is a student and teacher of the soul’s journey. He is a member of the Diamond Approach, a certified teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, an interfaith spiritual writer, teacher and speaker, theologian, and an Episcopal priest.  He is the founder of the Healing Arts Centers at St. Paul’s Church in Marquette, and at Trinity Church in Houghton, Michigan. He is also the author of Beyond My Wants, Beyond My Fears, as well as four previous books, including  I Have Called You Friends, Holding Beauty in My Soul’s Arms, and My Heart is a Raging Volcano of Love for You, along with being a contributing essayist for Progressing Spirit within ProgressiveChristianity.org.

Kevin holds three advanced degrees in theology: an MA, an MTS, and a Ph.D.family-christmas-2017-e1534450322286.jpg

He is settled upon on the shores of the magical Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan, with his wife, Rïse , their two children, Miriam and Liam, and their exuberant dog, Jackson.





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Contact & Connect with Kevin

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