An Invitation to a Holy Lent: Boundless Mercy

Dear People of the Beloved, during this season of Lent we discover again that every attachment – however good and beautiful – deprives us of the freedom to wait upon Holy Mystery in the present moment. All too often we are trapped by anxious minds and fearful hearts and we search for someone to blame. We feel as if we have fallen from grace and are lost from the Holy Truth of life-cradled-in-Love. We become convinced that we are set apart from Love, guilty, judged, and shamed into suffering souls. In desperation we condemn others and seek release in the delusion of revenge.

We are so often blind to the truth that Being is the beating heart of each and every creature, and so to become fully human is to become fully divine. The sea of Joy washes upon us with relentless tenderness, bearing our lifeless souls across the Red Sea. With our own wrath drowned in Christ, our souls live through the purity of the unity of the Holy Presence that quickens all creation. With Christ, the Beloved, our hearts now know there is no one except Christ, no one loves except, Christ, for not one is except Christ, and thus Christ alone loves completely.

We long to realize our union with the Beloved who ceaselessly gives us birth and calls us home. We cast about for words that might begin to express the hunger of our soul to receive the Divine kiss whose moisture gives us life. And so, we enter this season with hearts that cry, shout, whisper, plea, and offer thanksgiving, in love

In deep gratitude, we stand silently and gratefully within the awesome boundless mercy of the Beloved.

Oh Beloved of our heart, created in your image and called to become your very likeness, your Spirit creates our bodies from the dust of the earth. Grant that these ashes may be to us a sign of our flesh’s mortality and may they remind us that time is short and passes ever so swiftly. We must not tarry. Resurrection today is the most precious gift. Now is the time to awake and receive the life of Christ.
All: Amen.

Christmas Wisdom of Light and Birth

The Light of Christ is born anew this night as your heart:
In the beginning, Light shines in the darkness –
Loving, Beautiful, Good –
giving birth to all creation,
the center, the heart, of unfolding life.
The Light graces all creation as God’s presence.
The Light is Christ.
The Light is the child of Mary and Joseph.
The Light is Love.
The Light is a Jewish mystic, sage, and prophet.
The Light is Beautiful.
The Light is life in the midst of death.
The Light is Good.
May Christ, the Light, reveal to all who would see
the wisdom and wonder of God’s boundless love.